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Helping seeded SaaS Founders scale their business using an innovative 12 week plan

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For many, SaaS growth will be hard and will most likely stagnate. But a shift in mentality and some changes in tactics can reverse this shift.

Many of the barriers to entry for service based businesses has been removed or brought close to zero, meaning SaaS businesses can create new products/services without end.

At Rock Salt Consulting we believe in aligning the key 4 stages needed for growth: 
Starting with the users and ending with automated systems that run independently and with scale. 

We have developed the 12 week winning plan  for SaaS growth that mimic those enjoyed by only the top 10% of #startups. Specifically designed for seeded #startups who are not consistently attracting new customers.  Our boutique agency believes in lean growth with predictability and accuracy unlike others we understand that growth comes not only from tactics/strategies but also from within (developing founder psyche).


Evolving founders mindset is the powerful catalyst for successful change


Helping to understanding your target audience better than they know themselves


Crafting the right messages and distribution channels to draw your tribe in


Creating the winning ultra short sales cycles that generate revenue for your #startup

For SaaS Growth foundation is key

To create the right environment for change foundations are key: they allow founders to build what works. But for many #startups the early stages are considered a nuisance, a difficult, discomforting period. A period to bypass given the chance.  

The foundation is however the time to create the vision that can change the world. 

 Watch our video and see what the 10% are doing right

In order to change the world – first change yourself – then watch what happens

Andreas Christopoulos


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